Elementor #1894

Understanding your needs

Your pregnancy coach works with you to understand your unique health and needs.

What we assess: Medical | Risks | Health | Symptoms | Lifestyle | Mood 

Health plan designed for you

Our experts design monthly plans for you that have the best of science and are easy to follow

  • Diet that gives the right nutrition
  • Exercise that gets your body ready for delivery
Tracking to insights

Your pregnancy coach tracks your progress & talks with you every week to help you with health goals and symptoms. You get a weekly activity plan that easy, fun and effective. 


Expert classes

We make sure you get access to the right classes at the right time!

Our classes:

  • Delivery preparation so you feel ready
  • Financial counselling for the expected & unexpected 
  • Parenthood prep for you and your partner 
  • Bring the baby home for the first week post delivery
  • Lactation 101 for easy-breezy latching & breastfeeding 
  • Newborn care - sleep tips, baby hacks & much more
A happy experience

Our happiness club gives you the space & tools to feel supported & positive. Topics covered:

  • Relationship support
  • Mood swings, anxiety
  • Self-identity & work-life balance
  • Bonding with baby
  • Baby blues | Depression
  • Support with trauma/loss
  • Self-care