Pregnancy during 2nd wave of Covid-19

Pregnancy during 2nd wave of Covid-19

Getting pregnant is the world’s most beautiful experience. Right?. The care and warmth you get are uncountable. Motherhood is knocking on your door in no time. Your body has given you the best gift of your life.

But, many of you are living two phases of life. On one side, there is excitement, happiness for your baby, who will soon come into this world. And on the other side, there is fear, anxiety, sadness about this pandemic. When you thought now things are getting better, suddenly things got worst. Now there is a 2nd wave of Covid-19.

During pregnancy, what matters the most is your 100% care, not even 99%. Right? In this blog, we will be sharing how you can take care of yourself in your pregnancy during this 2nd wave of Covid-19 virus.


  1. STAY AT HOME:– 
    1. Nothing better than staying at home. Go out only for your medical checkups and scans. 
    2. Order everything online. It will be great if your family members also avoid going out. 
    3. If you are working women, make sure you work from home only. 
    4. If meeting any outsider, then make sure that you are at least 1 meter away from them.
    5. Restrict people from coming to your home

“ The best medicine of Covid has been made by architects- HOME.”

  1. HANDWASHING:- This remedy always win the fight against COVID. It’s simple and most effective. Wash your hand at regular intervals with soap for 20 seconds. Wash your hands after:-
    1. After coughing/sneezing 
    2. Touching anything from outside-parcels, milk pouches, veggies etc.
    3. Before eating, while preparing food
  1. AVOID TOUCHING YOUR FACE:- Unconsciously, you may often touch your face, mainly nose, mouth, eyes. Avoid touching them with your hands. We touch so many things that our hands are one of the causes of respiratory infections, including COVID-19; in a second, the virus transfers from hand to your face. Therefore, it is recommended to wear masks and not to touch the nose and mouth.
  2. COVER THE MOUTH WITH ELBOW WHILE SNEEZING:-Sneezing transmits virus, including Coronavirus. Droplets coming out of the mouth can travel up to 5 feet. Moreover, they remain in the air and on the surface for a longer time. It leads to infections. Therefore:-
    1. Cover your mouth while coughing/sneezing with an elbow- cover your face with an elbow.
    2. Wash your hands after sneezing, and don’t touch anything before that.
  3. SOCIAL DISTANCING:- You are not alone. You have a life inside you. The immunity level of pregnant women at the lower side; therefore its is recommended that you stay at home and avoid meeting people. If you have to go out, do not touch anyone and maintain a distance of at least 6 feet.
  4. STOP SOCIAL MEDIA:- The best medicine for a healthy pregnancy is being happy, positive and joyful. PLEASE STOP USING SOCIAL MEDIA, WATCHING COVID NEWS. It spreads negativity and will make you anxious, and this is not good for your baby. STOP THE DISCUSSIONS ABOUT COVID. Relax your body and mind by –
    1. Listening to music
    2. Doing yoga and meditation
    3. Spending time with family


  1. PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING:- To maintain your health and immunity level 
    1. Do short walks a home
    2. Eat a balanced diet- green veggies, fruits etc.
    3. Sleep Properly

Now we know that you will do your best to take care of yourself. 


Authored by – Anshima Kolatkar